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Children's Health


Information on topics influencing child health and family quality of life. From the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.
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Brave Kids

Offers resources for children with chronic, life threatening illnesses or special needs, their families, and health care providers.
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Campaign For Our Children

A nonprofit, abstinence-based teen pregnancy prevention program.
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Children With Diabetes

Helps kids with diabetes and their families learn about diabetes, meet people with diabetes, and help others with diabetes.
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Parenting directory and search engine with resources to help parents find information on their childs health.
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Pediatricians guide to childrens health and safety. Includes parenting advice and online forum, baby name finder, and information on immunization, nutrition, growth, and development.
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Contains interactive articles about childrens healthcare, medicine, surgery, and parenting. From the Nemours Foundation.
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Plastic Fork Diaries

Follow six middle school students as they experience first-hand the relationship between food and their changing bodies, cultural differences, the vanishing family meal, nutrition, and athletic performance.
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Triaminic Parents Club

Includes reading resources, games, links, and information on kids coughs and colds.
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Wallace & Gromits Grand Appeal

Raising money to build the first childrens hospital in the U.K.
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